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"You deserve a life that's full of joy, happiness and deep nourishment. Why not? Let me help you to find your way back to the seed that has always been waiting in your heart and let's activate that. It needs water and sunlight. And you are the only one who can provide for that"

Paqos from the Andes

Are you looking for answers to the following questions:

-Who am I?

-what is my purpose?

-why do I keep falling into the same patterns?

-I want to move on, but I don't know how?

-what is my next step?

-which beliefs/belief systems prevent me from living the way I really want to live?

-what themes and patterns influence my life in the background?

-how do I get in touch with who I really am?

-how can I experience less stress on a mental, physical and emotional level?

-what does it mean to be an awakened person?

-how can I become 'whole'?

-is this my story or am I living someone else's story?

-where do my depressive symptoms come from?

-why do I often feel overwhelmed by everything?

There might be still questions that may not be listed here, but that you can include them in our conversation during the intake.

The intake

If you are new to my practice, I always start with an intake. We often have many questions, but no answers. We don't know exactly where our problems, physical, emotional or mental, come from. And how they relate to each other. During the intake we map everything out. What is going on in your life, what you are looking for and what you would like to leave behind. We look at what suits you in your healing process. This is a process that often unfolds in the moment. Awareness is the key word.

The intake takes an average of 2 hours.

Follow-up sessions

The intake often has a follow-up session. This of course depends on what you come for. The experience is unique for every person and every session. No two sessions are ever the same.

People often ask, "How many sessions do I need?" Everyone is different, but I have noticed that with 3 to 5 sessions you are often well on your way. But everyone is unique, so I would like to discuss during the intake what your request for help and expectations are and how I can support you in this.


Follow-up sessions last an average of 1 hour.



By developing our consciousness we become increasingly free. It's not about getting rid of things, but how to give them a place and integrate them into who we already are. This is becoming 'whole'. It is an individual process, unique for each person.


Energetic support and compassion in this awareness process are essential. During this process that I guide you through and which gradually unfolds, it becomes clear what is going on in your life beneath the surface and what guides and drives you. It gives you insight into who you are, where you come from and teaches you to be with 'what is'.


Intake: 2 hours

Follow-up session: 1 hour

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