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Life between Lives

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Life Between Lives

During this 'journey of the soul' you learn to look at (everyday) life from a new perspective. Often you have been walking around with questions about yourself or life for a while. What is my purpose here on Earth? Why do I run into the same thing every time? Where do these patterns and beliefs come from? Who do I have a soul connection with? These can be asked during the LBL.


A LBL puts you in touch with that part of you that brings wisdom, deep insight and meaning.

Life Between Lives (LBL) was developed by Michael Newton . Through thousands of sessions with clients, he has systematically collected new information about the life of the soul between two incarnations. It is also referred to as spiritual regression. It is a special experience that you do once in a while. You can read his books but if you haven't read them yet it's perfectly fine. More information on this on the American site: The Newton Institute .



The actual regression follows after an intake (introductory meeting). In an LBL session you make contact from a deep state of trance with other layers of consciousness and the memories of 'life between lives'.

I advise my clients to enter the experience as openly as possible, with as few expectations as possible, so that you can get the most out of your session. Each session is unique and has its own rhythm.


Write down the questions that have been preoccupying you for years or just now and bring them along on paper.

Furthermore, no preparation is required.

The session itself lasts an average of 5 hours, sometimes longer.

It is good to schedule time and rest for yourself after the session.

Eat enough before starting, drink water and as little coffee as possible.

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