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Practice address:

Balboastraat 20 C 5

1057 VW Amsterdam

+31 6 24809127

  • All consultations are by appointment.

  • The practice is easily accessible by car or public transport check:

  • There is good (paid) parking in front of the door or nearby

  • Cancel an appointment? Do this at least 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged.

  • I am affiliated with the Professional Association for the Promotion of Alternative Medicine VBAG, the organization RBCZ and the Chamber of Commerce.

  • Your (personal) data is processed in accordance with laws and regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). For more information, I would like to refer to my privacy statement here.

  • Complaints procedure: If you have a complaint about a treatment, we will first try to discuss this with you. It is also possible to engage an independent complaints officer. This can provide support in formulating the complaint or in case of dissatisfaction and helps in the search for solutions. The therapist has the right to be informed of this. The practice is affiliated with Quasir for this purpose. In addition, the practice is affiliated with a government-recognized dispute body, Stichting Zorggeschil, and falls under the independent disciplinary jurisdiction of the RBCZ. For more information, visit the website of my professional association VBAG:

  • The costs of the consultation (energetic therapy) may be fully or partially reimbursed through your supplementary health insurance. The consultation falls within the discipline of “Alternative Medicine” or “Natural Medicine” (more information about the care guide). Consult your policy conditions for this. Check rates to see which sessions may and may not be reimbursed.

Vereniging ter Bevordering van Alternatieve Geneeswijze (VBAG)


Chamber of Commerce
Registration number 77323718

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