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The Transformational


We are all looking for a way to connect with who we are originally. As humans we create our own life. But are we sufficiently aware of this and has our creative power been activated? Our consciousness offers us endless possibilities to make that journey to our innermost self, the origin of who we are. There we discover our creative power. Creating your own life is something that quantum physics deals with. This is a new field that is in full development. The infinite potential that we as humans possess is something that we actively focus on in these sessions and provides refreshing and renewed insights. You can also call it waking up in yourself.   

After years of experience with all kinds of different techniques, it turned out that a process of a number of trance sessions yields a lot. A trance session offers deep insights and meaning. But the integration of such a session is just as important. Being present with an open mind in the moment, in deep connection, leads the way.

The Transformational Voyage is a journey to yourself, your origin and beyond the world of questions, to the dimensions where answers are given to us through images, symbols and experiences. You can see it as an adventure to consciousness fields that you did not know before. We step out of the paradigm of this world. And steps in the co-creation of your life, where you are part of a larger whole. You learn how to take responsibility for the story you tell yourself and what it means for you. This awareness offers unprecedented possibilities and above all freedom. The road to liberation and deep healing has thus begun.


In addition to my scientific studies, I have been trained from different directions to enable trance travel. As a shaman I know what a transformational voyage entails and can deliver. Time and time again it has become clear to me that all ways are an attempt to communicate and interact with the bigger picture, the Universal Intelligence or the Spirit World around us.




What does the Transformational Voyage consist of:

1 intensive intake followed by a trance session for examination (approx. 5.5 hours)

1 intensive follow-up trance session (approx. 4 hours)

2 times an intensive Integration session (2x2 hours)

After an intake (introductory meeting), an intensive trance session follows immediately. You travel under guidance to other dimensions, where you learn the language of symbols, images, feelings and the kinesthetic experience. This session lasts an average of 5.5 hours.

After this session, an integration session of approximately 2 hours will follow on another day.


Then we also make an appointment for the follow-up trance session, in which we intensively look for the deepening in your connection with yourself and the larger whole around you. The subsequent trance session can also be linked to the first integration session. (4 hours)

Finally, we will schedule an integration session of approximately 2 hours.

I advise my clients to enter the experience as openly as possible, with as few expectations as possible, so that you can get the most out of your session. Trust what comes next. Each session is unique and has its own rhythm.

Preparation & Expensive

Before the first appointment, write down the questions that have been preoccupying you for years or at the moment and bring them along on paper. No further preparation is required.

The sessions vary in length. But it is good to schedule time and rest for yourself after each session.

Eat enough before starting, drink water and as little coffee as possible.

For whom?

For people who already have experience and have been on the spiritual path for quite some time. You must have some experience with intensive transformation work.

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